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Pickled Sushi Ginger


Sushi Ginger Description:

Gari (ガリ?) is a type of tsukemono (pickles). It's sweet, thinly sliced young ginger pickled in a solution of sugar and vinegar. Young ginger is usually Garry's first choice because of its tender flesh and natural sweetness. Gari is usually eaten after sushi and is sometimes called sushi ginger. There are different kinds of sushi; ginger removes the taste from the tongue and kills fish bacteria. So when you eat other flavors of sushi; you will taste the original taste and freshness of the fish.

There are powder ginger and white ginger according to different needs.

Product Detail

Pickled sushi ginger slices white and pink in bags and bottles 1kg

Quick details:

1. Name: pickled sushi ginger

2. Appearance: white/pink

3. Net weight: 1kg

4. Brand name: OEM / ODM

5. Packing: 1kg 300g

6. Certificate: ISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL

7. Ingredients: ginger, vinegar, salt, acid, etc.

8. Shelf life: 18 months

9. Country of Origin: China

Process for making sushi ginger slices:

Raw materials---rinsing and desalination---rinsing again---cutting into pieces---rinsing three times---selecting---draining---weighing---packing and adding liquid------sealing--- -Sterilization---cooking---wiping---metal detection---storage



160g*12/box 5185 ctn/20'FCL

340g*24/box 1260 ctn/20'FCL

1kg*10/box 875 ctn/20' FCL

1kg*12/box 1500 ctn/20'FCL

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