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Panko BreadCrumbs


Panko Breadcrumb White & Yellow Chicken/Meat/Seafood 1kg/10kg/bag

Quick details:

1. Name: Panko breadcrumbs

2. Appearance: granular, white/yellow

3. Brand name: OEM

4. Main ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, water, yeast

5. Particles: 2.5mm-16mm

6. Shelf life: 24 months

7. Certificates: ISO, Haccp, Kosher, HALAL, FDA, CE

8. Place or country of origin: China

nutrient content:

Per 100 grams

Energy 1360KJ

protein 7g

Carbs 73g

Fat 0.5g

Sodium 2160mg

Daily production process:

Raw material inspection → sieving, sieving → batching, batching → mixing → fermentation → baking → cooling, cooling → crushing and drying → packaging materials → metal testing → warehouse

Product Detail


Breadcrumbs are also called panko in Japanese. It is made from bread without a crust, which is crisper and more airy than most breads found in Western cuisine. It goes well with shrimp, fish, meat products and onion rings. Our panko is fermented with refined wheat flour, absolutely healthy and green food! We export white and yellow panko. Customization of different sizes of particles and colors is acceptable.

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