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Do you really understand the seasoning that is popular in Asia and the world - soy sauce?


 Do you really understand the seasoning that is popular in Asia and the world - soy sauce?

     If you are a fan of Chinese, Japanese or Korean food, you probably know soy sauce and its different types. As the name suggests, this sauce is made from soybeans. However, soy sauce is not a directly produced product. Instead, it is a by-product of soybeans. When soybeans are fermented, soy sauce is produced as a by-product.

Some believe it is the oldest condiment in the world. Soy sauce originated in China. Therefore, it is also sometimes called Chinese soy sauce.

Soy sauce was first fermented from soybeans during the Western Han Dynasty in China. Thus, soy sauce was first produced and used about 2,500 years ago. In addition to soybeans, soy sauce also contains malt syrup and brine.

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However, in China, this sauce is not known as soy sauce. Instead, this soy sauce is called JIANGYOU in Chinese. Over time, the popularity of soy sauce spread across Asia as people from diverse cultures began to embrace it in their cooking.

Soy sauce quickly became a popular condiment across the globe. Even now, it is a common ingredient in many cuisines. Due to its current popularity, it has become one of the most used condiments in the world.

Over time, people started experimenting with different types of original soy sauce. Some of these types are sashimi soy sauce, Chinese soy sauce, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, Japanese soy sauce, etc. Although all of these types are soy sauces, they taste very different. They are also used in different ways in different recipes.

Types of soy sauce

There are different types of soy sauce. 

All of these types have different flavors and uses in recipes. While some manufacturing processes are similar, there are slight differences. Still, all types of soy sauce add much-needed unique flavor to savory dishes.

The first type of soy sauce is called sashimi soy sauce. This soy sauce is so named because it is often used as a dipping sauce for sashimi. In some parts of the world, this soy sauce is also known as Tamari soy sauce.

Tamari soy sauce is made a little differently than regular soy sauce. This soy sauce is made with miso. When the miso is pressed hard, a by-product appears in liquid form.

The by-product of miso is then used to make soy sauce soy sauce. This type of soy sauce is often used for finishing seasonings, gluten-free seasoning substitutes, dipping sauces, glazing cooked meats, and more.

This soy sauce has a richer aroma and flavor compared to other types of soy sauce. It is also slightly thicker than other types of soy sauce. Although this soy sauce is used in a variety of ways, it is most commonly used as a dipping sauce.

The next type of soy sauce is called Chinese soy sauce. Chinese soy sauce is more of an offshoot of soy sauce than one of a kind. Under this branch of soy sauce, several types of soy sauce are included. Some of them are light Chinese soy sauce, dark Chinese soy sauce, etc.

Since China has soy sauce roots, there are many varieties of soy sauce in China. Although they are almost similar in taste and appearance, these sauces are slightly different from each other. Only a skilled cook or cook can differentiate these types of Chinese soy sauces.

Another type of soy sauce is called dark soy sauce. As the name suggests, this soy sauce is darker in color than other types of soy sauce. This soy sauce is the most commonly used.

Dark soy sauce is mainly used for cooking spicy dishes. In addition, this soy sauce is also used in raw food. In most cases, however, this sauce is not used as a dipping sauce or as a finishing touch.

Since this soy sauce can be used in every dish and recipe, it is sometimes called all-purpose soy sauce. This sauce can be used in gravies, marinades, stir-fries, and even stews.

This soy sauce is readily available in the market. One can easily find this soy sauce in grocery stores and malls. For this reason, people who are not familiar with the various types of soy sauce often assume that this is the only one available.

The opposite of dark soy sauce is light soy sauce. This soy sauce is also known as Usukou soy sauce. Unlike dark soy sauce, this one is lighter in color. In addition, this soy sauce is also thinner and waterier than dark soy sauce.

This soy sauce has hints of sweet, salty and sour in addition to its original spiciness. This is the characteristic that distinguishes light soy sauce from dark soy sauce.

The last and most popular type of soy sauce is Japanese soy sauce. Although plain soy sauce originated in China, Japan is known for its variety of soy sauce.

The only difference between Japanese soy sauce and Chinese soy sauce is that Japanese soy sauce also contains wheat, while Chinese soy sauce is made entirely from soybeans. Although the difference is small, the Has a huge impact on the taste and texture of both soy sauces.

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