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Factory Workshop

Roasted seaweed nori workshop


The roasted seaweed factory covers an area of more than 7,000 square meters, with standardized workshops and more advanced Japanese secondary processing production lines, such as fully automated barbecue and seasoned seaweed production lines. The annual processing and production of raw materials for roasted laver and seasoned laver is more than 30,000 boxes (42 packs*100 sheets/box). The main products include roasted seaweed, seasoned seaweed, sliced seaweed (1/2 cut, 1/7 cut, 1/12 cut, 1/20 cut, etc.), sandwich seaweed, seaweed rolls and other series.


Based on the corporate tenet of "integrity management and cooperative development", the company has won the support and trust of many domestic and foreign customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices and satisfactory services. The products are sold to many countries and exported to the United States. Australia, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and many other countries and regions.