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Factory Workshop

Dried cut wakame factory


The dry Wakame plant is located in the Shandong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula. The ocean currents of the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea bring fresh nutrients and carbon dioxide for algae to absorb. Water temperature and lighting jointly ensure product quality.

The main products are seaweed and kelp. The annual production capacity of the series products is 1000 tons and the output value is 50 million yuan. Our products are all over the world, and we are actively exploring markets in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. There are 100 employees, including 3 senior managers, 10 middle managers, and 4 technicians. We are committed to continuous improvement because the pursuit of quality is engraved in our organizational culture. We actively choose high-quality Wakame seedlings, improve planting technology, and adopt new processing technology, which helps to improve the quality of salted dried cut wakame. We do not hesitate about details, because we believe that health should be shared by all.