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Qatar World Cup 2022 【Bite of the Tongue World Cup】


During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the special topic of [Tongue World Cup] will be launched, and each issue will introduce the food culture of a country where the top 32 participating teams are located. In addition to enjoying the football feast, open a window for netizens to understand the colorful world. Similar to the concept of the "Ambassador's Gourmet Living Room" column, it is hoped that "when the footsteps cannot reach, let the taste buds reach first". In this issue, we come to enjoy - Japan. Japan surpassed France as early as 2012 and became the country with the most Michelin three-star restaurants in the world. It has the most extensive and subdivided types in the world: kaiseki cuisine, sushi, tempura, eel rice, French food, Italian food , Spanish cuisine, creative cuisine, beef cuisine... There are even izakaya, oden, yakitori, Chinese cuisine and Korean cuisine. Moreover, this record is still being refreshed.

Are Michelin restaurants all expensive and imposing? This is true in Paris, but not in Japan. Michelin restaurants in Japan have broken the stereotype that "expensive" means "good" - in Japan, as long as you concentrate on making one thing well and achieve the level of the palace, you are the spirit of craftsmanship!