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Influential professional food exhibition in Germany


Influential professional food exhibition in Germany

The 2021 Cologne Food Show ANUGA will be held in October 2021 at the Cologne International Exhibition Center in Germany, with a total exhibition area of more than 280,000 square meters. Respected by the industry as the main platform for the European food trade market, its influence radiates around the world.

Theme of the exhibition: Anuga Food Fair in Cologne, Germany Cooperates with the development trend of the food and beverage industry, whether it is a creative cooking program, a keynote speech or an innovative product display: five inspiring Anuga special events provide you with valuable advice and provide a comprehensive overview of the food industry overview. It provides a high-quality display and exchange platform for food and beverage, technology and solutions. It is an annual event in the industry.

Exhibition grand event: Cologne food exhibition Anuga provides three different conference formats, involving innovative themes and industry hot trends, holding award ceremonies and special events with rich information, inviting industry experts and scholars to discuss the development trend and prospects of the food industry, expand cooperation opportunities. In addition, Anuga has comprehensive media reports from about 1,400 journalists from 50 countries, providing a powerful platform for exhibitors to promote their business.